Chris Cadillac Strolling Band is a lively and energetic band based in Nice, Cannes and Monaco, France.

Specializing in roaming performances, the 4/5 piece band travels to events all around the world to entertain guests and crowds with their upbeat music and lively performances.

The band is known for their charismatic energy and ability to get audiences up and dancing. They play a wide variety of genres and are able to adapt their performance to suit the atmosphere of any event.

With a focus on providing a lively and engaging entertainment experience, Chris Cadillac Strolling Band is a premium choice for events such as weddings, parties, festivals, and more.


Historically popular music charts have been a great way to discover new music and to find out what songs are currently popular. 

The Band regularly updates their playlist and caters to request based on these charts;

-Billboard Hot 100: This chart is based on sales, radio airplay, and streaming data, and is considered one of the most comprehensive and influential music charts in the United States.

-UK Singles Chart: Published by the Official Charts Company, this chart is based on sales and streaming data and is considered the official chart of the United Kingdom.

-ARIA Charts: The official Australian music charts, covering all genres from rock, pop, country, jazz, blues, soul and more.

-Canadian Hot 100: This chart is based on sales, radio airplay and streaming data, and is considered one of the most comprehensive and influential music charts in Canada.


STROLLING BAND easily available to hire for all events in NICE, CANNES, MONACO and SAINT-TROPEZ being based on the French Riviera

Our STROLLING BAND claims the freedom to wander while delivering fantastic hit cover performances

Performances are either fully acoustic or amplified
“with or without vocal headmics and instrument amplification”

Every Artist is always perfectly code-dressed and follows our strict code-conduct policy for each performance

Each Band Member always has his passport ready for a last-minute show anywhere

France, Switzerland, Italy, anywhere in Europe and the World

Proud to regularly entertain celebrities and VIPs


Best suited for your Cocktails, Private Parties, Corporate Events, Weddings or Birthdays

Perfectly adapted to Private Beaches, Yachts, Villas, Châteaux and just about anywhere

  1. Hiring the Strolling Band can add an interactive and lively atmosphere to any event, as band’s unique style of strolling entertainment can add an element of surprise and excitement.
  2. The wide range of music genres and ability to customize their performance to fit the theme of the event can appeal to a diverse audience.
  3. The band’s experienced musicians and charismatic leader, Chris Cadillac, can provide high-quality entertainment that will leave a lasting impression on guests.
  4. Flexibility and willingness to work with clients to plan and execute the perfect performance can help ensure the success of the event.


  • The Band’s VIDEOS will demonstrate live performances and studio recordings from previous settings

  • Look through our high level entertainment MUSIC CONFIGURATIONS to get the idea for your event

  • Make sure your BOOKINGS are finalized well in advance, so you can look forward to the great time we have in store for you when we’re live